Joey Poh


Islander from the little red dot πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬
Busy collecting maple leaves πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
Chief of Staff at Magna (YC W22)Avid builder of Notion templatesConnecting communities across the world πŸ’šView a snapshot of my portfolio here

Tradfi Beginnings

In my previous life, I was en route to Edinburgh Medical School but ultimately chose to pursue Finance and Strategy at the University of Toronto, where I graduated with High Distinction.I was heavily involved in the Finance Association, Investment Counsel, and the Project Lead at the Finance Research and Trading Lab. I subsequently worked in Standard Chartered Bank covering PUI & CleanTech across Southeast Asia.

Journey to Startup World

I was one of 18 undergraduate students selected to join the Creative Destruction Lab, a venture incubator as a "MBA" student.I build a financial budget model for Origami Therapeutics (YC W22), a biotech company curing neurodegenerative diseases with protein degradation technology, with their financials. I also helped OpenLeverage Protocol with community management.

Where I am Now

I am currently scaling the Magna team. My responsibilities range from building internal organization tools to forming international partnerships. My experiences living in different countries and going to schools with a diverse international student population allow me to navigate business cultures easily.On the side, I enjoy building Notion templates that boost productivity, which you can find here!

As Seen On My Bookshelf

3 Life - Changing Experiences

1. Consulting for micro-entrepreneurs in Langa township, Cape Town, South Africa during the pandemic (helping her turn a profit!)2. Working with children with intellectual/physical disabilities3. Exploring a completely new industry to me -- tech + crypto!

Let's Chat !

I love having genuine conversations β€” I do need help filling up my bookshelf πŸ“š and deciding where to travel to next! ✈️And of course, I'm always contactable for business πŸ˜‰